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Chaka Kahn – latest Fame-Wall Portrait

June 10, 2011

Cheeseburger in Paradise

January 4, 2010

While preparing for a show in Key West, Florida October 2009, I realized that I was entering Jimmy Buffet territory (Cheeseburger in Paradise).
I painted my visual version of this hit song during the show which I strongly believe is the first painting anywhere of a parrot surfing on a cheeseburger.

Imaginary Friends…website reconstruction

December 10, 2009

We just wanted to let everyone know that we were experiencing technical difficulties with Jim’s site at but as of today, we are back up. The site is under construction so it will have a different look to it.  Sorry for any inconvenience or difficulty reading the print names.

You can click . If there are any problems you note, please let us know right away. You will not be able to access certain sections of the site like the Index, What’s New or Portraits. The Fine Art Catalog and Originals for Sale and Gift Shop are working.

In the meantime, if you are interested in any of Jim’s work, please email with your questions or for a photo of the image you are interested in. You may also  phone the studio at 800-975-9927

We wish you all a Peace-filled and lovliest of  Holiday Seasons!

Warren/Godard’s first collaboration painting sells for $45,000

November 23, 2009

"Heaven and Hell" - a work in progress. What will Godard contribute?

In the early 90s after meeting marine life artist Wyland, the two of us collaborated successfully on several paintings which are now considered “Classics” This year after seeing the art of Michael Godard, which features his crazy whimsical olive people, I had the idea to collaborate with him on a series of paintings. Our first, which we sketched out and announced while together at our gallery shows in Las Vegas, was “Commotion in the Ocean” which recently sold at the Wyland galleries of Orlando. The next collaboration we will be doing, which I am giving you a special sneak preview here of just my part, is titled appropriately “Heaven and Hell”.  What Godard does to finish his part is anyone’s guess, although I did give him a few suggestions. Stay tuned for the official unveiling.

Warren and Godard exchange ideas for their latest collaboration!

Happy Birthday Jim!

November 18, 2009

Jim’s favorite Birthday cake…white cake with fresh strawberries inside!

The priceless expression of complete satisfaction…white cake and strawberries just does it for Jim!

We had a wonderful show last Saturday here at Jim Warren’s West Coast studio in Portland, Oregon. Thank you to the many who attended and contributed your voice to singing the Happy Birthday song to Jim!

One of the highlights of the day was a special presentation by Portland artist, John Trimble. Jim has been an inspiration to this artist for years so John was thrilled that he would finally be able to meet Jim and thank him personally. But what wasn’t anticipated was what transpired when John arrived at the studio with a gift–wrapped “package”.

After  a group singing of Happy Birthday to Jim , John stood up and opened an envelope attached to the package. The enclosed card, which John had created just for Jim, was inscribed with the following words written by John: “Sometimes the most beautiful things come from seeing all of life’s imperfections, yet knowing we’re not alone in the search for something more meaningful in this wondrous place we live in.” then “You have been a huge inspiration to me as an artist. Your art has taught me that thinking outside the box and painting what we like, is just fine. Keep painting and inspiring Jim”. As you can imagine, Jim was extremely touched by John’s words.

John unwrapped the package and presented Jim with a beautiful painting he had created for and dedicated to Jim entitled Blessed Inspiration. You can see some great photos here. It was truly a magical moment. Jim is going to keep Blessed Inspiration hanging in his Portland studio so others can visit and view it. If you’d like to stop by the studio, just give us a call to arrange it.

And here we are with Thanksgiving week just ahead of us and Christmas and Hanukah a few short weeks from there. It’s almost hard to believe another year has almost passed. With that in mind, we, here at Jim Warren Studios, would like to help make your Holiday season as wonderful and stress-free as possible. We have many prints already in stock which can be framed and shipped to you or your loved ones in time for the Holidays. Give us a call or email. 800-975-9927 or And don’t forget to look at all of Jim’s work at There’s the Fine Art catalog which shows all the giclees available, the What’s New section and the Originals for Sale section too! Lots to look at.

John Trimble, Jim and John’s wife Becky

Rainbow Girl…Jim’s latest Fantasy Fest Inspiration

November 11, 2009

rainbow girl Original 15 in. round

After a very long 8 days in Key West for the famed annual “Fantasy Fest”, Jim is home recovering. “Recovering” for Jim means being able to sit quietly at his painting table and create his works of art before leaving  for another show in Orlando last weekend.(and then to Portland, Oregon the weekend of the 14th for his West Coast Studio show). While in Key West, Jim completed the painting above, Rainbow Girl, while the 75,000 people who attended Fantasy Fest, paraded by.

Rainbow Girl was painted on a round canvas, something Jim rarely does. His use of black and white to accentuate the colors of the rainbow and it’s reflection on the waves and sandy shore shows some brilliant execution on Jim’s part. And the perfect little color on the woman’s lips that so simply defines her sensuality…excellent.

Jim is publishing Rainbow Girl in two sizes as Giclee canvas reproductions. The Original Oil is available for purchase also at a great pre-publication price. If you are interested in either, please contact the studio.

Jim’s West Coast Studio show in Portland, Oregon is on Saturday Nov. 14th from 1-7 pm. If you’d like to attend, call the studio for the address. 800-975-9927

Jim Survives Fantasy Fest 2009

November 5, 2009
jim fantasy fest  with wyland 2 - 10.09

"The Girls" with Jim(center) and Wyland(right)

I have been many places showing my art this past year and seen many things, from Rome to Venice to Las Vegas to New York, and now to Key West Florida during the craziest parade in America: Fantasy Fest.
Aside from the 75,000 people who pile into town to crowd this one famous street: Duvall St., here are a few highlights of my 8 days of art shows in the Wyland Galleries of Key West.
First, it is always my greatest pleasure to be able to spend quality time with my fans and collectors who come from many places to meet me. I was introduced to the famous artist Bill Mack whom I have crossed paths with in the art world many times but never met until now. I body painted for the first time in my life which is something I was always amused by since the 60s but had not yet done  since it was something I couldn’t sell afterward. (joke) (See the painted girls behind me in photo above).
And moving forward with my celebrity Fame Wall project.  I decided I might as well get started on the portrait that I will paint of the Beach Boys which will be unveiled in Hollywood  sometime in 2010. In fact, the Fame Wall video person who happened to be at Fantasy Fest,  taped me beginning the painting. Marine-life artist, Wyland also got his spot on the video wishing the “Boys” a Happy 50th Anniversary and “here’s to 50 more great years of music”.   The upcoming video will be played right before the unveiling of the painting which will be in 2010..
I then introduced my freshly painted “Surfer Girls of Fantasy Fest 2009” to the camera who also wished the Beach Boys a “Happy 50th”.