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Jim Warren, John Stamos and the Beach Boys…the story!

September 9, 2009

john stamos wall of fame dopo teatro 9.09“The many faces of John Stamos”  Original Oil

Hello Everyone!

When Jim was introduced to NYC Producer/Actor Dale Badway,  at an art show last year, little did he realize the events that would be set in motion by that encounter. We thought you would enjoy reading the whole story. So here goes! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back…and enjoy.

Our story starts out when Dale Badway, Production Coordinator of the Wall of Fames at various NY restaurants, had the opportunity to meet  Jim at an art show in Florida. Dale was quite impressed with Jim’s talent, so much so, that when Dale decided to produce another Wall of Fame in NY Times Square restaurant, Dopo Teatro, he couldn’t think of a better artist to ask to participate. Dale contacted Jim with the proposal. It was, interestingly enough, at this same time that Jim was about to contact Mike Love of the Beach Boys to ask Mike if he would like to write the forward to Jim’s upcoming new book. As events would have it, Dale’s new project included adding a portrait of John Stamos who, as we’ve mentioned previously, is starring in the new Broadway production of “Bye, Bye, Birdie”. And, as fate would also have it, John Stamos had been playing drums with the Beach Boys on some of their recent tours!

It was planned that Jim would fly  to Las Vegas to meet with John Stamos when John was there drumming for the Beach Boys last July. (hence the photos we sent you a couple months ago). In Vegas,  Jim and Mike Love  spent time rehashing old times from the Southern California ’60’s ” beach scene” where the Beach Boys had first become a major inspiration for Jim.  The two of them worked out the details for the forward to Jim’s new book, Jim got the photos he needed for the John Stamos portrait  and Jim was  invited up on stage to sing background for the Beach Boys’ encore performance of “Fun, Fun, Fun”.

As you can see by the photo above, Jim is at the top of his game as a master of the paint brush. The skin texture, lighting and hair took hours and hours to accomplish…and those piercing eyes! A brilliantly executed portrait reminiscent of Jim’s emotionally chilling portrayal of Martin Sheen.

But wait..there’s more!  Jim was asked to attend the Beach Boys concert at Tropicana Field(Tampa, Florida) this last weekend. The Beach Boys were performing as the post-game entertainment for the Tampa Bay Rays. As a side note here, the editor of Tampa Bay Magazine, Aaron Foderman, has been a collector of Jim’s work for many years. In fact, Jim has been featured on the cover of Tampa Bay Magazine many times over the years with 6 page articles on Jim included in each of the issues. So when Jim was asked to meet with the Beach Boys and Dale Badway at the concert, Jim asked Aaron if he would like to cover the event. Of course, Aaron jumped at the opportunity. Jim took his two children Arte and Drew and off he went with Aaron in tow.

A brilliant idea came to “the guys” while at the backstage meeting with Dale Badway, Bruce Johnson and Mike Love.(see photo) Why not make a video in which Mike Love congratulates John Stamos on his starring role in “Bye Bye Birdie” and why not surprise John and play it at the unveiling of John’s portrait on Thursday night at Dopo Teatro? All around kudos for the idea..and the video was made  and will be played for John tomorrow!
jim BB with Stamos picture comp
Bruce Johnson, Dale Badway, Jim and Mike Love

And for the grand finale of this part of our story, Jim and his children, Drew and Arte, were asked to get up on stage in front of the 5000 people in attendance, to sing background with Mike Love on “Barbara Ann”. Here’s the proof!
jim, drew and arte on stage with bb 9.09
Arte, Jim, Drew and Mike Love
jim, drew and arte  bb on stage 3 comp

Beach boy audience comp

We hope you’ve enjoyed the show so far…lots more to come!

You can always visit Jim thru his website at or come on over to either his Portland, Oregon or Clearwater, Florida studio. Just give us a ring. 800-975-9927 or 503 235 0062.

Sherry and Jim
Jim Warren West Coast Studio

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  1. September 11, 2009 2:31 am

    Jim your work gets better and better, we miss you here in California. I wish you health and happiness. Edwin

    • sherrymk permalink
      September 11, 2009 3:37 am

      We miss all our friends in California too. And, by the way, we wish you every success with your new book! You hold a very special place in our hearts.
      Sherry and Jim

  2. October 22, 2009 11:36 pm

    Congratulataes I Saw Pictures You Very Proud Be Sure Remember Me This Is
    Amanda Miller I Remember You Were Play Drum Twenty-Five 1986/1988 I Was
    Little Girl It Was Me I’m Coming Biloxi See You And Guys?

    Amanda Miller

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