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Motherly envisioned by Jim

September 2, 2009
Motherly Love
Motherly Love
Original Oil available as well as Giclee canvas reproductions
Sometimes I think all this world really needs is simply a little old fashioned Motherly Love.” – Jim Warren
Hello Everyone!
As the days pass in this troubled world of ours, Jim has found himself quite concerned over the state of our planet and it’s peoples. Always one to “voice” his concerns through his art, Jim thought it fitting to feature his “Motherly Love” this week. Beautifully executed, “Motherly Love” is a poignant reminder that there is nothing quite as nourishing as a mother’s love. As with many of Jim’s environmental/political “statements”, “Motherly Love” brings to us the sense that if we could all embrace the concept that the earth is “our child”, we would perhaps care for it and it’s population as we would our own child.
The Original Oil of “Motherly Love” was recently reacquired by Jim and is being offered for purchase. Giclee canvas reproductions are also available. If interested in either, please phone the studio at 800-975-9927.
Jim is off to Orlando this coming Friday for a one day show at Galleria Portofino. He returns to the Tampa Bay area for a special meeting with the Beach Boys on Saturday..and then it’s off to NY for the unveiling of John Stamos’ portrait (wait till you see this!!!) and a two day show at the Wyland Gallery in Long Island (Sayville) on the weekend of September 12th and 13th.
Stay tuned for the announcement of the Jim Warren West Coast Studio show coming up in Portland, Oregon in October or November. Of course, you can come by the studio any time by appointment. Just us at either 503 235 0062 or 800-975-9927. We love having people stop by! Don’t forget to visit Jim’s site at to see all of What’s New with your favorite artist. .
Please leave a comment…Jim  so enjoys reading them!
Sherry and Jim
Jim Warren West Coast Studio
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