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About Jim Warren

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Born: Nov 24, 1949 in Long Beach, CA to Don and Betty Warren. Jim’s brother Rick was 2 and his sister Kathy was 5.

Beginnings: Started painting at age 1, like all children. Went through the usual string of career choices such as: artist, magician, artist, rock star, artist etc. I officially decided in high school in 1967 that an artist, a “Rich and Famous” one at that, was what I was going to be!

Tools: Traditional oil paint on stretched canvas which I coat with a gesso primer. Only paintbrushes are used to paint with and NO airbrush, as people have sometimes thought.
Art Training: “I’m basically self taught. I learned some basics in my high school art class. At college I attended several life-drawing classes, and always studied the great masters at museums.”

Philosophy of Art: “To hell with the rules…paint what you like.”

Some of Jim’s favorite accomplishments:

1975 Entered first public art show, in Westwood CA, and won first prize.
1978 Commissioned by jazz greats Billy Cobham and George Duke to paint first album cover.
1979 Accepted first-place award from Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley for Westwood art show.
1981 Grammy Award winning cover art painted  for Bob Seger’s No. 1 album “Against the Wind.” Won Best Album Package
1985 Began “Illustration” faze painting over 200 hundred book covers for such authors as Arthur C. Clarke, Robin Cook and Clive Barker. Album covers for Prince, Alice Cooper etc and movie posters for Phantasm, Night of the Living Dead (the remake) Waxworks etc. Also numerous magazine covers such as Twilight Zone and Heavy Metal Magazine.
1990 Painted “Earth…Love It or Lose It.” This painting received critical acclaim, was featured on posters, magazines, billboards, t-shirts ect. and soon became the visual representation for the global environmental movement.
1992 Began the unique trendsetting idea of collaboration paintings with famed marine life artist, Wyland, showcasing both artists’ specialties…Marine Life (Wyland) and People (Jim).
1992 – 1993 Comic Images released two sets of collector cards of Jim’s paintings. Each set is comprised of 96 images.
1996 Started portraits which Jim called “Personalized Paintings” for such people as Julliette Lewis (Vacation, Cape fear) Marine life artist Wyland and Michael Parnell (CEO of Oakley sunglasses)
1997 To celebrate Jim’s first 30 years as an artist, his fans convince him to release his first book entitled “The art of Jim Warren: An American Original.”
2002 Jim’s second book Painted Worlds is released world wide in hard back by the prestigious European publishers Paper Tiger. In 2003 Painted Worlds is re-released in mass market soft cover. Coming in 2004; Painted Worlds 2 featuring the latest paintings as well as many rare oldies.
2004 The Warren/ Disney collaboration paintings are released as fine art prints. With Disney being one of the earliest inspirations for Jim as a child, the was a very special project. Although Jim painting the Disney characters himself into the paintings, he was art directed by animators who have worked with Disney for over 20 years.
Currently: My greatest accomplishment to date, and one that can not be matched, is the many letters and communications that I have recieved from people telling me that my art has inspired them or made their day a little brighter.

2006: Jim meets classical pianist Oksana and she composes a number of songs inspired by Jim’s paintings.

These songs are then released on CD titled “The Best of Two Worlds”

2007: Jim’s work is featured on all 20+ Princess Cruise Ships where he often is invited to appear for painting demos and special art auctions of his work.

2009: Jim collaborates with artist Michael Godard (rock star of the art world). Jim combines his horses and romance themes with Godard’s mischievous olive people (who surf and ride horses). The result? “Commotion in the Ocean”

Jim Meets The Beach Boys backstage in Las Vegas and is invited on stage to sing with them on their encore song “Fun Fun Fun”

The new Jim Warren coffee table book begins to be worked on for release in mid 2009, with the forward written by the singer and leader of the Beach Boys Mike Love..

Jim Meets with John Stamos for a special project on broadway called “Fame Wall” on which Jim will paint John for a special unveiling.

The new Jim Warren “Wild Waters” wine label and Blanc de Blanc wine for The South Coast Winery has it’s debut at the Winery where Jim and the wine maker Javier Flores sign bottles.

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