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The Wise Man and The Intellect

September 30, 2009
The wiseman from web The Intellect cropped to show frames

“The Wise Man”                                            “The Intellect”

“While shopping for an apartment in 1977, an 82 year old apartment manager came to the door and I was instantly struck by his very long hair and beard. He reminded me of one of my earlier paintings that I did in 1975 entitled “The Wise Man”.While outside by the pool I told him that I was an artist and asked him if I could take pictures of him and had him take out his wallet to read as if it was a book. I painted him completely as is, including every hair on his beard which took about 15 hours for just that alone.” – Jim Warren


As we move into October, Jim has been dividing his time between Florida art shows and working on portraits that individuals and families have commissioned him to paint. There’s little that Jim enjoys more than being able to create a client’s vision, whether it be their children riding dolphins or being mermaids or the wife having waterfall hair with a tiger laying next to her or the husband golfing in an ocean golf course! Every individual is unique, each person has their own dreams and fantasies.  Jim rejoices in that individuality and certainly is a master at recreating that uniqueness in his work.

With this in mind, Jim thought to feature two of his most beloved paintings, The Wise Man and The Intellect. The detail work on both paintings bears close attention. Each hair on the heads and beards of these gentlemen was individually drawn, consuming hours of time. The folds in the clothes, the wrinkles on the faces, even the old leather-like book tears represent some of Jim’s finest work. Can you see who authored the book in The Intellect?

The Original Oil of The Wise Man was reacquired by Jim a while back and is available for purchase. Both images have been reproduced as Giclee canvas reproductions in two sizes. And we can get them to you in time for the Holidays! If interested, give us a call at 800-975-9927.

Speaking of the Holidays, please ensure that if you are considering a gift of a Jim Warren Giclee, that you give us enough time to prepare and ship your print.(it can take 4-8 weeks). (Layaway plans available) Jim hand-highlights each Giclee personally for you in addition to signing and numbering. On his Artist’s proofs and Printer’s Proofs, he not only highlights the print but paints something special right onto the canvas making each unique and original-like! Check out the Fine Art Catalog, the What’s New and the Originals for Sale sections on Jim’s site . You can use the Index section to find his images alphabetically.  There may still be time for Jim to complete a portrait for you also. Please phone for details. (see the special portrait offer here: Portraits )

We invite you to come visit one of Jim’s studios in either Portland, Oregon or Clearwater, Florida. For a gallery near you that carries Jim’s work, click here
Jim wanted to include a wonderful poem authored by Victor Kahn (The Great Illusion) inspired by “The Intellect”


The world as we view it  is much like a dance,
you can take what is coming and live it by chance…
Or seek answers to questions and live it by choice,
just follow your heart and answer its voice.

Chance brings that karmic phenomenon,
manifested reactions from what you have done.
Look for a place that’s hidden within,
search for the message, that’s where to begin.

Talk to yourself, have conversation inside,
it’s a matter of choice, create from the mind.
Picture yourself in a world all your own,
then bring it to life from the seed to the sown.

Search & discover the source of white light,
don’t settle for anything, reach for the heights.
Your goals are the answer to what you achieve,
and it’s almost like magic when you start to believe.

Truth & intuition …bring gifts to rejoice,
go it by chance or live it by choice!

Victor Kahn

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