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“Drift Glass” and a Jim Warren Reality Show?

September 23, 2009
Drift Glass
Drift Glass
Never before published Jim Warren classic!
Giclee canvas reproductions 20×30, 24×36 and 28×42

“Drift glass is glass that has been washed up onto the beach from the sea. Here I have the opposite, the ocean washing up from the glass.
To me this painting is simply a visual treat for the eyes.
To others it is a highly symbolic painting where the meanings behind it are boundless.” – Jim Warren
With all the traveling, shows, presentations etc that Jim has done over the last few months, his classic works from the days when he worked as an illustrator are getting more attention than ever before. At one recent show, a couple asked Jim if he was ever going to publish “Drift Glass“, a painting Jim completed in 1988 as a book cover for Samuel R. Delany’s “Drift Glass”. Then, over the week following, he received several emails from others asking the same thing. (for those of you who are not aware of it, Jim has illustrated over 200 book covers, movie posters and album covers) The result of all this interest is that Jim has decided to publish “Drift Glass” making it available as Giclee canvas reproductions for the first time.
As you know from Jim’s recent blogs, his portrait of actor, John Stamos is now hanging on the Wall of Fame in the Dopo Teatro restaurant of New York Times Square. But we haven’t told you what happened during the unveiling event! . Dale Badway,  the producer of Walls of Fame has put together a video to be shopped to TV producers, the goal of which is a TV Reality Show featuring different Jim Warren Walls of Fame going up in other cities. The idea is that Jim will paint various artists specifically  targeted for Walls of Fame in cities around the country. The unveiling events will actually be presented as Reality Shows hosted by Dale Badway.  So far, The Beach Boys are confirmed to be  the first on a Los Angeles Wall of Fame coming up next year! And Jim is meeting with Alice Cooper during Cooper’s upcoming Tampa Tour. As Jim painted one of Alice Cooper’s album covers years ago,  he thought it would be  a great idea to have Alice Cooper attend the unveiling of his portrait at one of the Jim Warren Walls of Fame!
Here’s a special link to the pilot video shot at the John Stamos unveiling. You can see our Jim all through the video, especially in the last half. Let us know what you think of the idea.  


(more event photos are included below)

And here is a poem by Victor Kahn wrote, inspired by Jim’s “Drift Glass”


Do you look at your horoscope that’s printed each day?
It’s amazingly accurate in a paradox way.
It has little to do with the planets at all,
but it’s a form of symbology …for things to recall.

You could slip through this life with your head up your past,
never realizing potential, like a piece of drift glass…
Or you could study life’s meanings and where you could be,
astrology is in symbols …to master destiny.

It can show you direction …a fate overhaul,
the way to change reality is not drift or think small.
If you’re looking for answers, start from within,
the circle of life needs a point to begin.

jim stamos crowd 5

jim stamos crowd 6

jim stamos crowd
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