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Catching his breath..Jim’s tour schedule!

August 26, 2009
portrait penny finnish 3-4
“Portrait of Mckinley and his sister, Caroline”
Original Oils commissioned by the Penny family
“I call my portraits, “personalized paintings,” because they are much more than your typical sit down and pose portraits. The client requests I get are extremely varied, and I try to provide what is wanted.“First, I consult the client to see if he has a concept of the painting. If he doesn’t, then I talk with him and find out about the person whose portrait I’m doing. What is the person like? What are their interests? And, do my clients want something wild and surreal or more calm and serene? For example, I might be approached by parents who like my fantasy art, and they have children who are very active in sports. The family also enjoys the ocean. I might incorporate the children playing some type of sports in the ocean, along with other sea creatures woven into the picture. Then I would meet the children and get twenty or thirty shots of them in various positions. To get a natural pose, I get them to act out the scenario which is going to be the final portrait. When the photos are complete, I do an initial sketch, get my clients’ approval, and they soon have a personalized painting with their children as the subjects.

“The photography stage is important when doing a portrait because the individual behind the face must be captured. Probably the most important and most difficult facet of portraiture is communicating the essence of the subject. Everyone has their own spark of individuality, and it’s my job, in doing a portrait, to make sure that that special individual shines through. “ – Jim Warren

Hello Everyone!

Jim has just returned from his tour in the Mediterranean. With barely enough time to catch his breath, he’s off to Lake Tahoe for this weekend’s show. Then it’s back to Florida for a show in Orlando Friday for Labor Day weekend(Sept. 4th) followed by a  meeting with the Beach Boys in Tampa Bay(Sept. 6th). But it doesn’t stop there…Jim then flies to New York on September 10th for the unveiling of the John Stamos painting Jim is completing for the Fame Wall being created in the well-known Times Square NY restaurant, Dopo Teatro. The painting includes Stamos along with different Broadway stars. (Stamos opens in the Broadway revival of Bye Bye Birdie in September too!)

In between all of this activity, Jim is working on yet another portrait commissioned by a couple on the Princess Cruise lines. Whew!

The above two paintings(check out those precious faces!) are part of a 4 piece commission that Jim finished recently for a family. Each child was painted on a separate canvas but all 4 flow together.(if you’d like to see the full set, let us know) This way, when the children grow up, they can each take their own portrait for themselves. (if you are interested in commissioning Jim to paint a specialized portrait for you, please contact the studio at 800-975-9927. Jim’s book fills up fast this time of year for the holidays, so if you want a portrait as a gift, time is of the essence) You can check out other portraits by going to Jim’s site at and clicking on “Portraits” at the top of the page.

And finally, stay tuned for the October or November big Jim Warren birthday bash here at Jim’s West Coast Studio in Portland, Oregon!

(Here’s a video of Jim’s new book coming out soon!)

Have a good one!


Sherry and Jim
Jim Warren West Coast Studio

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